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Gli ospiti del ristorante - Checco er Carettiere

Gli ospiti del ristorante  - Checco er Carettiere

Artists, actors, political personalities of many countries have passed through Checco's since the early forties.

A habitual customer of "Checco er Carettiere" was Trilussa, great dialectical poet, well-know drinker with a capricious character. One day, he refused to drink Checco's wine from the new drinking cup decorated with a cart, swearing:

"I will not enter here anymore!"

After some time had passed, he showed up once more in his gig, stopping at the entrance of the tavern and asked for some wine.

"I said I would no longer enter, but out here I can drink as much as I want!"

The photos of these people with signed dedications are plastered on the walls and have become part of the furnishings. Trying to guess who is who and who they are has become a discreet pastime to while away the time waiting (briefly) for your order to arrive! 


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This picture is a class photo in the true sense of word. With an attentive eye (click on picture for open) one can notice among the child prodigies, close friends that have remained so throughout their whole lives. Sergio Leone (1) and Ennio Morricone first met to play in the alleyways around Via Benedetta and then to work in Filippo's Restaurant in a beautiful, square room set aside and outfitted as an office where unforgettable melodies and scenographies were born with the coming and going of actors, actresses, and artists of high merit all of which was seasoned with the best olive oil and sprinkled with wine from the Castelli.

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L'osteria di Checco, nel cuore di Trastevere

Checco's tavern, typical Roman cuisine for all budgets.

pasticceria con dolci di produzione artigianale

Coffee, handmade fine pastry and ice creams


Cucina Romana

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