In the splendid setting of the Trastevere neighborhood, just behind Piazza Trilussa, you can find the Checco Er Carettiere restaurant. For three generations, experience and tradition have combined with the culture of food in a family-run ambient featuring authentic flavors of Roman cuisine. Once defined as “poor,” the genuine ingredients and their preparation are the thriving protagonists- whether fresh fish caught daily, km 0 seasonal vegetables, home-made pasta and pastries, or top-quality meat selected only by personally-known producers. There are over 300 labels of local, biological and national wine to accompany the dishes.


Roman cuisine was once considered “poor,” but always full of flavor. The recipes of typically Roman dishes and their traditional flavors are exalted at Checco Er Carettiere, where they have been served to generations of returning local clients and international tourists.

checco er carettiere family

“Trasteverine DOC”

Checco Er Carettiere opened in 1935 and for three generations afterwards, Checco’s granddaughters have been carrying on the culinary tradition. With love, competence and conviction, they are committed to carrying forth those true flavors of Roman traditions, that risk to quietly disappear.


Eating well and enjoying the company of friends and relatives is wonderful, and is accentuated by doing so out in the fresh air. Our restaurant in Trastevere has a unique internal courtyard, which permits clients to eat in the open air, away from the often chaotic and bustling Trastevere neighborhood.

inner garden of checco er carettiere

i vini di checco


For Checco, eating well meant also drinking excellent wine. Today, more than ever, this concept that wine, like food, must be of prime quality, is carried forth at the restaurant. Checco Er Carettiere has over 300 labels of excellent wine from all around Italy.